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What Clients Say

Having researched several solicitors to deal with my difficult case I chose Chrissie and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.From the first consultation Chrissie clarified my position so I began to a see a way forward. My case turned out to be more complex and emotionally draining than I imagined but throughout she was my rock – professional, accessible and completely reliable. Her knowledge, skill and at times her New York litigator experience led to a much better conclusion than I ever expected for which I’ll always be grateful.
C. S.
I found Chrissie to be thoughtful, insightful and not afraid to challenge my ideas and understanding, or, rather lack of understanding of the process and the conventions. Chrissie was always very conscious of cost and constantly referred back to me before proceeding with actions. As a result I felt in financial control at all times. As divorce is a stressful journey, it was a relief that Chrissie managed to help me find occasional humour along the way. Chrissie’s obvious experience in fairly positioning my case avoided the pitfalls of acrimony and long, drawn out arguments.“I am very pleased to be able to recommend Chrissie with confidence that she will help guide you through the sometimes daunting experience of matrimonial separation and divorce
C. W.
I came to Chrissie Cuming Walters at a deeply disturbing time of my life when facing a divorce. Her professional, no-nonsense attitude helped me navigate that difficult time. I very much appreciated her professionalism and timely and accessible advice, and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation in marital matters.
A. K.
Chrissie’s knowledgeable, prompt and professional manner, coupled with her clear guidance and resounding commitment to my case won the day and has secured my future.
I would recommend her to anyone.
S. K.
Chrissie took up my case with short notice and went above and beyond to get up to speed within a minimal period of time. She was thorough, professional and supportive during a very difficult period. I’m very appreciative of her hard work and commitment to getting an excellent result.
A. F.
Chrissie was there for me when I needed her. She was responsive and went the extra mile to make sure my case was handled in the best manner. I definitely recommend her to anyone going through a difficult situation.
R. D.
Chrissie is my legal guardian angel.
C. R.
Chrissie is forthright, pragmatic, yet personable, and went out of her way to make sure I knew where I stood and to assist me during a very difficult time.
E. S.

What Other Professionals Say

Chrissie has the advantage of a rare combination: she has an easy manner, whilst being bright and tenacious. A formidable civil litigator both in and out of court, I have had the pleasure of seeing her work on high-value and complex cases and would readily recommend her.
Simon Calhaem, Barrister - 29 Bedford Row
Chrissie’s dedication and vigour pervade all the work that she does. She pursues her clients’ cases with drive and determination, whilst still exercising her own charming brand of pragmatic realism. Whether settling or fighting a case, Chrissie applies great attention to detail and her knowledge of procedure means that costs are only incurred effectively. She gets results. Her clients feel thoroughly supported by Chrissie, and it is no surprise that so much of her work comes about through referrals.
Victoria Francis, Barrister - 29 Bedford Row
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