Why Choose Me?

My Experience

Being a divorce lawyer requires skills honed over many years of experience. Below I share with you why I practice divorce law.

Chrissie Cuming Walters first passed the New York Bar Exam in 2003 and went on to qualify as a lawyer in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, initially dealing with multi-million to billion-dollar class action matters involving securities regulation, white collar crime, and Big Pharma defence.

Chrissie has specialised solely in family law since commencing a training contract with boutique international family law firm Dawson Cornwell in 2008. Chrissie qualified as a solicitor in 2010.

Chrissie has successfully represented clients in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, as well as in the High Court and county courts.

Boasting a diverse practice representing married and unmarried clients from differing walks of life with an enviable track record, Chrissie is often referred to by colleagues and peers as “fierce” and a “maverick”.

Chrissie’s sharp knowledge of the law, emotional intelligence and force of character places her head and shoulders above so many others with Chrissie being seen as someone you need by your side in family disputes.

As a recent client quipped,
“I instructed Chrissie because I knew after meeting her that I sure as hell didn’t want her on the other side…!”

Chrissie says,

Relationship breakdown is a highly individual, transformative process both for the clients and their families. The manner in which this is dealt with should not be ‘one-size-fits-all’ nor should it be pursued simply for the sake of ‘making a name’. I offer an honest, pragmatic approach to family law and seek to empower my clients with knowledge and choice. I work with them and others to get the best outcome for their future.

Yes, the process is transformative, but with the right tools, that transformation can lead to great things – it’s my job to help you get there.

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